We are a Marketing, Media & Events Company

From a small boutique agency 15 years ago, we have evolved into a company that consistently helps brands reach Hispanic consumers all over California and beyond. Marketing, Media and Events is what we do.


To passionately create and advocate for Inclusive Marketing and events, dedicated to engaging consumers across diverse racial, ethnic, multi-generational, and geographic cultures. We are committed to guiding corporations in expanding their reach and revenue with a strategic and responsible approach.


To ignite awareness among entrepreneurs and corporations in Southern California, highlighting the profound significance of Hispanic consumers and their staggering $1.6 Trillion purchasing power. Through this commitment, we envision a landscape where diversity is celebrated, opportunities flourish, and the Hispanic community is an integral part of a thriving, inclusive society.

Our Values

Core Principles that Guide Our Work

By embodying these principles, La Dulce Vida can create marketing magic that not only captures the essence of Hispanic culture but also nurtures a lasting, sweet connection with the community.

Cultural Relevance and Sensitivity:

Celebrating Diversity: Embrace the richness of Hispanic cultures, understanding the unique flavors of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and other heritages.

Language as a Connection: Speak the language of your audience fluently, ensuring that every word resonates culturally and authentically with the sweetness of the Hispanic experience.

Authentic Representation:

Sweet Diversity: Feature a tapestry of faces, experiences, and stories that authentically represent the sweetness of Hispanic culture in every campaign.

Traditions and Tastes: Blend marketing with cultural values, celebrating the unique traditions and flavors that make La Dulce Vida a true reflection of the Hispanic community.

Community Engagement and Relationship Building:

Savoring the Moment: Participate actively in the community's moments of joy and celebration. Attend, sponsor, and savor the sweetness of local events, connecting deeply with the heart of the Hispanic experience.

Listening is Key: Establish two-way communication, listening to the community's feedback like a trusted friend. La Dulce Vida believes in building lasting relationships, sweetened by genuine engagement and mutual understanding.

Our Principal

Iris Ivette Muñoz

Iris Ivette Muñoz, the eldest of eight siblings, inherits her entrepreneurial and advocacy spirit from her father,and her gift of creativity and nurturing from her mother, fostering a vibrant tapestry of passion and dedication. As the president of La Dulce Vida Marketing Media and Events, she intertwines creativity and cultural connection, crafting immersive experiences that transcend boundaries. Through her leadership, Iris channels boundless enthusiasm into helping clients navigate the Latino market with authenticity and vibrancy

Beyond marketing, Iris is a steadfast advocate for small business growth and community empowerment, evidenced 

by her role in the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Over two decades, she champions diversity and inclusion, providing resources to entrepreneurs and visionaries. Iris’s vision extends into community engagement with the founding of La Coalición de Herencia Latina del Sur de California, fostering celebration, collaboration, and empowerment.

Yet, Iris’s true distinction lies in her commitment to collaboration and the greater good. Across various boards, she shapes thriving communities built on diversity and mutual respect. For Iris, success is measured not in accolades but in the lives she touches and inspires. Iris acknowledges that none of this would be possible without the countless amazing individuals who have stood alongside her throughout the years and she’s deeply grateful and indebted to them.

Amidst her achievements, Iris treasures her family, finding joy and purpose in her five children her granddaughter and soon-to-arrive second granddaughter. In Iris Ivette Muñoz, we find a leader, an entrepreneur, and a true adventurer—a beacon of hope, a champion of dreams, and a guiding light for generations to come.

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